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We are not an investigation group, we are a research group looking up stories and reports for local hauntings and other paranormal accounts. We are not accepting membership but would like to hear your stories and experiences, thank you for your interest.

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  1. mary-kate mcallister

    as u r a closed group what advise can u give me as someone who would like to start investagating my husband and i have been interested in the paranormal for me it started when i saw my great-great grandfather one summer but ne way what advise can u give us.

    • Hello Mary,

      You dont have to have a website, fancy equipment or anything else except yourself and a desire to learn about the paranormal, I personally am quite a skeptical person but my Nan was a spiritualist and she always has information from spirit that comes to pass, a lady that takes spirit for granted, she says to her its like sitting in from of me and talking to me, no different except I have physical mass and they dont.

      I want to learn and believe but I find it hard to you are a step ahead of me as you have seen spirit and you need to learn how to continue to do so, now your grandfather may of let you see him because he wanted you to, to give you comfort that there is more beyond this life, I would like to believe this to be true and my nan has said to me that she will “put the picture down” to let me know she is watching me too when she passes.

      Depending on your comfort level I would perhaps advise seeking out open groups, there are many on Facebook but alternatively my nan would tell me to advise you to to a spiritualist gathering at a Church, I know there is a small one in Victoria that gathers and this may be another option for you, bear in mind one reason we are a closed group is because we did a number of gatherings and the turnout was always … “interesting”… be vigilant but open to new experiences, have a desire to seek out truth whatever the truth is for you. Go to a few of the places we mention on the website, a tour with John Adams is always worthwhile and pay attention to yourself and your feelings. Some people just forget to listen.

      I wrote allot I know and sorry if its rambly and nonsensical, I don’t really know where it all came from but I hope it gives you some idea.

      Rob Turner

  2. I’d sure like to investigate the 7th green area of that golf course. I’m a amature unexplained/ Paranormal Investigator. I dont have anything too fancy, just a camcorder, digital voice recorder, Heat Leak Detector IR and flashlights. Who would i contact to get clearance to do an investigation?

  3. i am still in the midst of searching your website, i mean no offence to “admin” by posting my experience here on this thread… but i will anyway.

    my name is daun, i live half a block or so away from the beban house, and have heard of it being haunted,
    i am not a skeptic, beasue i have have been visited occasionally by spirits through the years, and it would be ignorant of me to disregard things of this sort.

    it happend saturday 24th 2010 @ around 3:00 in the morning. i basiclly saw a “hand” come out from behind my coutch and wave its fingers behind my friend who was on the coutch…he was not aware of what i saw, untill he noticed the horrorfied look i gave him when i ask what the hell was that?!!!
    the hand was that of an adult
    white male, and had a redish color sleeve, possiblly pladd or flannel. its been a few days, and im still alittle uneasy bout the whole thing.
    a child is sensed here at times also.. but has never made an appearance…yet.

    im not sure if its the house we live, but maybe the area or neighbor hood the house is on.

    i am first nations myself and have knowledge of burial grounds and mass graves in nanaimo, but not the locations.

    thank you for your time.

    daun pechawis

  4. my house is the most active house ever we also get to see first hand the shodow people chairs flung accross the room please email for more info will be worth the while i promise.

  5. Does anyone know if there are any spirits or paranormal activity at the Roxy Theatre in Victoria?
    I was on a date there recently, sitting in the bench in the back right corner of the theatre, when my boyfriend and I both saw what appeared to be someone walking up the aisle to the door to the lobby area. As it was beside us, the appearance turned to a yellowish light (dim) and then disappeared.
    It was a slightly darker part of the movie, so it was harder to see, so it was not a surprise to see simply a dark shape approaching the door behind us. It is odd as we both turned our attention to the object approaching our direction, without neither of us commenting. And we were both perplexed when the object disappeared beside us, and was obviously not a person.
    We looked for natural explanations, such as lighting or shadows from the movie, or through the window on the door to the lobby, but could not come up with anything. The wierdest part was the sensation that we both experienced that someone was there.
    We have tried to research online for any information regarding the Roxy, but have been unable to find anything. Does anyone have any knowledge or heard anything of this theatre?


    • Hello Dave,

      We have Members, close friends and people we know who contribute or help us. There is no plans to expand or grow the group.

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