Haunted Victoria Golf Club

(Ghostly Walks at the Haunted Victoria Golf Club)

Haunted Victoria Golf Club

1110 Beach Drive, Victoria, B.C.

Things or those who go bump in a Canadian night are not limited to buildings. They can in fact haunt just about anything or anywhere they chose. This world is their playground or in this case, their golf course – Victoria Golf Club, located at 1110 Beach Drive Victoria, BC, which was established in 1893. It is the oldest golf club in Canada and is still on its original site, overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca in the Municipality of Oak Bay.

The club is home to some 1,150 golfing and social members. The 35,000 sq. ft. clubhouse was completely renovated and updated in 1993. It is open year-round and offers a wide range of casual and fine dining facilities for receptions, large dinner dances and other special events. Some of these events might just be of the paranormal kind.

On September 22, 1936 Doris Gravlin a 30-year-old nurse went out for a stroll one night by her separated husband Victor, a hard-drinking journalist husband. It’s not clear as to why they were out for a late night walk on the 7th fairway but one thing is certain. Her body was found under some logs severely beaten and strangled by the hands of Victor. Victor committed suicide by taking a stroll into the ocean.

A caddy at the club found her body five days later, while Victor’s body exactly four weeks later, was found floating in a bed of kelp just off the shore of the golf course with her shoes in his pockets. With the discovery of Victor’s body, the case was officially closed as a murder-suicide.

“Her ghost is considered the most frequently seen ghost in this area. People who go ghost hunting will probably look for her ghost”, stated *John Adams of Ghostly Walks tours, Victoria BC. “She appears as a figure in white moving very quickly towards you and then veering away and suddenly disappearing or running circles around groups of people and then basically pinning them inside her circle. She sometimes appears as a large globe of light which will move and fly up over you. She sometimes appears as a figure that runs and flies up in the air. She has been seen ever since her murder in 1936.”

About a year ago, grandparents had their grand children Billy and Lisa (not real names) visit from out of town. John (not real name) took his grandson Billy fishing down by the rocky sea shore. John received a fish hook in the head and the two went to the emergency ward at the nearby hospital.

Billy informed his grandfather that they forgot the tackle box. Later the four of them grandpa, grandma and two grandchildren went out to retrieve the box. After the two men got the box, they saw a figure in white heading towards them rather quickly. Suddenly the figure jumped up and flew over them. They then saw the figure running towards the edge of the golf course then looping back towards the car.

By the time they got back to the car Lisa was in hysterics since she had seen the figure as well. The grandparents knew who the figure was and all four seen the ghost, explained Adams.

If you ever play the seventh fairway call “fore” twice. Once for the people you can see and once for those that go bump in a Canadian night.

*John Adams, one of Victoria’s foremost historians and storytellers, who has been leading ghost tours through the alleys and haunted places of Victoria since 1970. He has appeared on the TV series Ghosts and Ghoulies and on OLN’s Creepy Canada. The tours are conducted by John and his team of expert guides.